English is now the language of international business, and many companies expect their staff to use it to a high level in meetings, presentations and on the telephone.

The Business English Centre offers a range of specialist combination courses specifically tailored for clients from a particular profession or business field.

Our Executive English courses are therefore aimed at highly motivated business and professional people who want their programmes to be focused, stimulating and challenging.

The training approach is designed to deliver fast, effective learning to clients who value personal attention, have a tight schedule and high expectations.

The advantage that Executive English course brings is full-immersion in the cutting-edge world of commerce, but away from the distractions of your own office.

Nowadays lawyers, politicians, and engineers are some of the people who also find they must make their English communication more effective. This means greater confidence with the skills of leading discussions, negotiating, presenting ideas, writing emails and entertaining guests – to name but a few.

The all-round improvement that results from an Executive English course will boost your career in a world where English is a key tool for senior managers and CEOs.

Each course will centre on the following core objectives:

  • Build your confidence and fluency in business situations: meetings, presentations and negotiations
  • Increase your inter-cultural awareness in business contexts
  • Help you make more effective telephone calls
  • Consolidate important grammatical areas
  • Widen your active vocabulary range
  • Help you to understand native speakers, both face-to-face and on TV
  • Improve your range of social English for when you have to entertain clients and network at parties
  • Improve your pronunciation
  • Give you useful learning strategies for the future


Business English courses cover a wide range of current business themes to enable students to carry out business related tasks:

  • Management: carrying out meetings, structuring presentations, making and changing appointments, organizing and collecting information, negotiating solutions, making predictions
  • Products and production: comparing products, interpreting statistics, designing contingency plans, developing products and product information, discussing technical features
  • Marketing: conducting market research, describing changes, discussing causes, explaining financial results and achievements, making presentations, recommending action
  • Advertising: filling a vacancy, interviewing, attending conferences, executive recruitment, reaching targets, reporting on a work project, writing invitations, negotiating agreements
  • Money: understanding types of accountancy and the banking industry, issuing stocks and shares, getting a loan, following taxation issues, describing figures, graphs and flow charts
  • Socializing: understanding cultural attitudes and differences, polite gestures and language, showing interest, dealing with visitors, impressing important people, social chit-chat, business lunches


Our Business English courses develop your Business English language skills and work on reading, writing, listening and speaking. They also contain work on grammar, business vocabulary and pronunciation.

Each Business English course is carefully balanced and structured to teach non-native adult speakers and to help students:

  • Gain confidence speaking English in work situations.
  • Learn and use a range of business terms and vocabulary.
  • Become more fluent to express, discuss and analyze business concepts and ideas.
  • Improve listening in business and economic contexts.
  • Develop reading comprehension of authentic business texts.
  • Recognize and use a wide range of business text types.
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