There are more than 3,000 educational institutions in the UK.  If you are considering studying in the UK your first step should be to visit our Customer Service staff for general information.

Preparing for UK study

We provide information about the education system in the UK, and guidance about where to search for universities, colleges or schools, and how to select suitable courses.  For this purpose we have workshops and presentations, free of charge, both in English and in Arabic, every week throughout the year.

New - Changes in our English Language Placement Services

Temporarily, we can offer you the services to complete, on your behalf, your application and registration process with the UK language schools. We will continue to offer workshops and information sessions that provide guidance and advice for you to be able to do your placement yourself.

Relationships and Exchanges

Other services we provide, for the purpose of exchanging experience, expertise and knowledge in specialised fields related to education, are to facilitate and support visits for our local partners interested in attending United Placement Services seminars.

Living as a student in the UK

We provide pre-departure sessions, individually or in small groups, to prepare students before travelling to study and live in the UK.  These workshops can give you insight into UK culture and the opportunities available to international students.

Exhibitions and Visits

Every year we attend the Education UK Exhibition (EDUKEX), visiting over 40 UK universities and colleges to be represented here in Kuwait. These exhibitions provide an excellent opportunity to meet the UK institutions’ representatives in person and discuss with them your needs and their requirements for admissions.  In addition, we facilitate visits throughout the year from individual UK institutions coming to Kuwait to hold seminars or appointments with customers, or visit local education authorities and institutions.

English Language Placements

If you are interested in taking English language courses in the UK, there are over 300 schools and institutions that are accredited by United Placement Services.  We can show you where to look and how to select a suitable course for you.

Trained for Education UK in Kuwait

We are certified education UK trained agent, in “Promoting UK Education & Training”.  This qualification is designed by the British Council to increase agents’ capacity to promote the UK as a study destination.  The focus of the course is to develop the agent’s skills to source relevant information and update his/her knowledge about studying in the UK.

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