A Blend of Private and Small Group Instruction

Our most popular course. You get a high degree of individual attention from on-to-one lessons and partnered exercises as well as lots of conversational practice and interaction from small group seminars. A winning combination!

  • Levels: All levels from beginner to advanced
  • Centers where available: Cambridge, Boston
  • Starting Dates: Every Monday of the year
  • Minimum Length: One week
  • Average Length: Two weeks


  • 40 x 40-minute lessons per week, including: 10 one-to-one lessons with a private trainer, 10 semi-private lessons with two other students, 10 small group seminars with an average of 4-6 students, and 10 interactive online iLab lessons
  • If you like, we can help you create a more intensive Premium Course program by adding more private lessons or adjusting the instructional mix.
WhatsApp support available!