At United Placement Services we would like to welcome your desire and subsequently your decision to study abroad. To proceed with your Undergraduate Degree outside Kuwait you are taking a courageous decision that should bring for wider and happier career choice after graduation.

United Placement Services was and will remain committed in helping students make fresh starts, begin new careers and take the first steps toward becoming what they want to be in life.

We care about your career choice, your personal needs and your potential for growth and we take great pride in providing you a number of unique services to help you on your way for admission, for attending Foundation Preparation Year, Undergraduate or Postgraduate Degree Programmes in most reputable International Institutions Worldwide. We are able to assist you throughout the entire admission process – from application to placement testing (when requested) to setting career goals and eventually bringing you an offer for chosen course.

Our staff is available to assist you in selecting the right major, registering, applying for more than one University and participating in the whole process of the University Placement.

If you are having trouble choosing the major you’d like to pursue, our Educational Advisors can help, they will assist you in developing your educational plans. I believe you will discover that along with helping graduates of both public and private schools for nearly 10 years, United Placement Services also offers quality Consultation for Diploma holders who wish to proceed to Bachelor’s Degree. Here we are tailoring individual options according to the needs of such applicants.

Today more than 5,000 individuals in Kuwait and neighboring countries have benefit from United Placement Services for different Degree or non- Degree Programmes outside Kuwait. It is United Placement Services hope to serve you even better in coming next years. By contacting United Placement Services you are hopefully part of its legacy of success. I wish you every success and encourage you to take advantage of the many services we offer.

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