United Placement Services has a widest range of English Language and Combined Courses available in UK and there is no age limit.

Some of the courses types offered are as below:

  • General and Intensive English – English for daily life in an English-speaking country. Adult courses are usually for students aged 18 and over and will include a variety of nationalities. Class sizes vary: a maximum of 10-12 is common in private language schools and universities; 14-18 in many further education colleges. A full-time course will usually be for a minimum of 15 full hours per week but many centres offer up to 25 hours of tuition per week and more. Courses ensure you improve your English in all areas of the language: reading, writing, listening and, of course, speaking.
  • English Plus – A general English course plus study of a hobby or special interest such as cookery, football skills, floristry, wine tasting or golf. Relax in your chosen Plus subject while continuing to practice the English you learn in the rest of the course. A number of centres offer courses specifically for mature students, often combining cultural or tourist activities with English language study.
  • English for Academic Purposes (EAP) – Language preparation for academic study, often at university. Higher education in the UK requires students to study independently, performing and presenting their own research outside the timetable of lectures and seminars. EAP courses prepare you for success at university by improving your English in an academic context and teaching study skills such as note-taking, discussion skills, academic reading and writing and research techniques.
  • Foundation Courses – Preparation for courses that students will progress to at colleges and universities, often at undergraduate level. The course will combine English for academic purposes with study of your chosen academic or professional subject. Many students take a foundation course to gain a qualification required to enter a British university and to raise their level of English to the required level, usually IELTS 6.0/6.5. Foundation courses can be any length from short pre-sessional programmes to courses of up to nine months to achieve the required qualifications.
  • English for Specific Purposes – Courses for professionals in specific areas of work. English is taught in context, aiming at particular job-related outcomes and using appropriate vocabulary and structures. You will be able to apply what you learn directly to your career. ESP covers a range of subjects as diverse as aviation, hotel and catering, diplomacy, journalism, law, medicine and many more.
  • Business English – English for the business world. Courses are for people in all walks of business life: technology, marketing, manufacturing, management, finance and services, and are designed to help you communicate confidently in a global English-speaking business environment. Classes are typically smaller than in general/intensive English programmes. Specific skills may include conducting meetings, negotiations, making presentations, socialising, attending conferences, telephone skills, report-writing and reading technical documents.
  • Work Experience Programmes – Courses which combine classroom-based English language learning with work placements and internships in selected companies in the UK. Programmes aim to improve your English language skills and increase your employment opportunities through working in a professional environment. You will achieve valuable, relevant experience for your career. Work placements may or may not be paid positions but are designed to match the career objectives of each trainee.
  • One to One Courses – Individual tuition, one student and one teacher, allowing a truly personalised programme for as many days or weeks as you choose. One to one teaching can be combined with other courses to benefit from studying as part of a group whilst focusing on your own aims and language objectives.
  • Home Tuition – Learn English in the teacher’s own home as part of the family. You live and learn in your own teacher’s home, providing individual tuition and total immersion in the English language. With home tuition you will be able to develop your English both inside and outside the ‘classroom’ in a truly authentic context.
  • Courses for Teachers of English – Teacher development courses for language teachers. Refresher courses may include subjects such as language and methodology, creative teaching techniques, contemporary culture and using multimedia in the classroom. Return to your classroom with fresh ideas and techniques to motivate you and your students. “Train the trainer” courses develop skills to run formal pre-service and in-service teacher training courses. Examination courses lead to qualifications to teach English.
  • Examination Courses – Courses leading to qualifications that are recognised throughout the world. British examination boards are international leaders in the profession and offer certificates and diplomas for all students at all levels from elementary to proficient. You can improve your career with a qualification from a wide range of general or academic English examinations as well as certificates in subjects such as business and commerce, translation and bilingualism, tourism and international communication.
  • Young Learner Courses – Children and young people from the age of 5 to 17 can combine learning English with a wide range of activities in a safe, secure and supervised holiday environment. As well as learning to speak and understand the language better in a natural, relaxed setting, children will develop social confidence, making friends from all over the world. Social activities are for all interests and include sports, visits and hobbies such as art and design or photography. These courses are usually held in the summer months of June, July and August and sometimes in January and February.
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