Cultural Office Changes Medical Specialties

The Ministry of Higher Education has recently issued important guidelines regarding the process of changing majors and repeating the introductory year for medical specializations in the United Kingdom. Here’s a comprehensive overview to help you understand and comply with these new directives.

Repeating the Introductory Year:

If you fail or do not pass the introductory year required for admission into the first year of medical specialties (such as human medicine, dentistry, and pharmacy), you are allowed to repeat the introductory year in a different major. This is conditional on receiving a recommendation from the Cultural Office and obtaining approval from the Ministry.

Guidelines for Changing Majors:

  1. One-Time Change:
    You are allowed to change your major once during the duration of your scholarship. Any additional changes require the Ministry’s approval, based on a recommendation from the Cultural Office.
  2. Approval Requirement:
    You must obtain approval from the Cultural Office to request a change of specialization.
  3. Graduation Date Impact:
    You are not permitted to change your major if it will affect your graduation date.

For more detailed information on the Ministry of Higher Education’s regulations for changing majors, please refer to the following link: Changing Major in the UK

Changing to Non-Listed Specializations:

You can change to specializations not included in the higher education plan only if you secure admission from a university recognized for excellence in that specific specialization.

Steps to Change Your Major:

  1. Secure Admission:
    Obtain admission from an accredited university in a specialty included in the Ministry of Higher Education’s scholarship plan.
  2. Login to the KSIMS System:
    Access the KSIMS electronic system.
  3. Submit a Request:
    Submit a request to change specialization (Change Discipline Request) and attach the necessary documents.

Follow the Instructions:

For a step-by-step guide, please watch the following instructional video: KSIMS How to Apply for Change of Discipline

By following these guidelines and procedures, you can ensure a smooth process when changing your major or repeating the introductory year for medical specializations. Always consult with the Cultural Office and adhere to official protocols to maintain your scholarship status and academic progress.